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Joe Knight

Thought I'd add a quick little story, which will hopefully encourage folks who read it. Reading Punk Monk late last year brought barrel load of inspiration and conciseness to a year of baffling and dreaming in my own head...since then, myself and my wife have invited some friends of ours to explore establishing a prayer house community thing here in the beautiful city of Gloucester.

We've tried to be deliberately slow and tentative in moving forward, and it’s been a bit like walking through fog at times. Something is there, you know it is, it surrounds you, but it's hard to grasp.

Last week however our fellow dreamers piled into our small cosy house and we made it our community home - just for the week, as a kind of experiment. We spent each day living out a rhythm of prayer and exploration, each day on a new aspect of the Boiler Room rule with lots of discussion about what it might mean in practise, in our context, and what, or where God may be calling us to...

It was wonderful. Challenging. Inspiring. Full of questions but lots of excitement all wrapped up together. If you have lots of time and energy, you can find a laboriously long diary/blog of it if you click my name that I guess may come up with this comment..?...(day 1 on prayer is at the bottom of the page)

I know we’re not an established boiler room/prayer community quite yet, but we’re on our way and hopefully this will encourage those already working this out day to day. Please pray for us.

Much peace to you. Cheers.

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