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Tim Nickels

Just a quick errata p. 20 refers to a quote from Gandhi to CF Andrews. CF Andrews was NOT American (and an Anglican Vicar and not really a missionary as we would see it). The quote is therefore wrong. I suspect (although I haven't checked) that the original word was Christians rather than Americans, which reinforces the point but I would double check it.

Mike Morrell

I am reading your book right now--what a welcome contribution to the new monastic ( and "Spirit-filled" ( movements! I was going to put this site on my blogroll, but alas, there are no other posts! Pray tell, can this be remedied?

Rebekah Anderson

Hey Andy,

I read Punk Monk over the weekend and really enjoyed it. I decided to pass it along to the lady I work for as she has had a lot of questions about 24-7 and my life following Transit that I didn't do a very good job answering. This morning I got the following email from her:

I started the book last night.
I am feeling much better your future :) I really like these guys so far and the book is really interesting. Prayer is something I seem to reserve for "the big things" as I feel so can I pray for more when so many people are suffering? And praying for the suffering is a "big thing" but so overwhelming......I loose the connection some how. Pretty shallow and one dimensional way to think of prayer, I know.
I think not only will this book give me better insight into the experience awaiting for you in the UK but also help me grow spiritually.


So... Thanks!

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