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My name is Andy Freeman and along with Pete Greig, I am the author of 'Punk Monk', a 24-7 Titles book about Boiler Rooms, monasticism and the new communities springing out of

I am married to Karen and have 5 kids. I live in Reading and am in my late thirties.

I have had over 10 years experience in youth work and since 2001 pioneered the first 24-7 Boiler Room in Reading, England. I now help develop other communties across the the 24-7 movement in Europe, America and the rest of the world. For more see

PETE GREIG is the bewildered founder of 24-7 Prayer, an international and interdenominational prayer and mission movement. He is recognised as an advisor and teacher in many countries, has contributed to numerous programmes on TV and Radio and is part of the Guildford Boiler Room in the UK. Pete is married to Samie and has two kids, Hudson and Daniel.